Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Smudgy shades

I can't get on with anything this morning as everyone is asleep. I've done all the quiet jobs so I'm having to post a card.
 I wanted to try watercolour backgrounds that I have seen many people using. It can look quite grungy or much smarter. Mine is grungy and not just because I dropped the acrylic block!
I used colours from the current Less is More colour challenge:

                                          color sip 
These colours are lovely but probably not a combination I would normally use.  Incidentally I had a look at the Design Seeds website and it is gorgeous. I'm probably the last to know but I'll definitely be going back for colour inspiration. design-seeds.com

I inked an acrylic block and then spritzed with water and pressed onto the card. I did the bluey green first, made a good impression and then dropped the block onto the card. I wasn't surprised, I am very clumsy. I carried on regardless and did the green and the yellow and then you could hardly see the smudge. The yellow was too bright, I thought so I went over it again with the left over green. 

It then took me way longer to get this mediocre photo than it took to make the card and it still doesn't show that the green is really green not grey. 
I'm still not very sure about the end result. Should I have left the ribbon off? I like the backgrounds but still considering the finished card. Tell me what you think.


  1. Simply marvellous card !!

  2. This is super, I love those inky backgrounds!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  3. This is a fabulous CAS card, I love the blocks of colour.

  4. A stunning mix of the colours and a perfectly CAS card too.
    Thanks for joining the fun
    Less is More

  5. Fabulous inkiness, love it! I see what you mean about the ribbon, nothing wrong with it as such, but not sure what it adds... what does it look like if you hold a strip of plain white cardstock over it?
    Saying all that sounds like I don't much like it but I do, the inking is gorgeous!!!
    Thanks so much for joining LIM this week
    Less is More Designer

    1. Don't worry, I appreciate your feedback. I need you looking over
      my shoulder for advice. Maybe not all of you, that would be intense!
      A white strip does look better. I wanted it to pull the panels together but I should have just walked away, after all less is more...

  6. Cool effect. Like so many, I'm over the moon with watercolor and this just fits the bill. I do understand why you put the ribbon in... it creates a horizontal effect to balance all the vertical in the card. But yes, I would have liked it just as well with or without cause it's a a lovely base design. Thanks for sharing.


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