Thursday, 24 December 2015

Pillow boxes

I'm just sitting down with a drink (non-alcoholic at this stage) for a quick break. The choklits are open and plans are progressing well.


I've bought some really cute little Star Wars memory sticks for niece and nephews. An inspired idea if I do say so myself.
Then, not having anything else to do, decided to make some pillow boxes to present them in. They are so small that wrapping them really wouldn't look very special.  I don't have a die or template so I watched this You Tube video and was able to make them very easily. I found that a smaller bowl was better to draw the curve as a larger one makes a shallower curve and a slimmer box. By the way, I really like this idea for the tag which she uses. I'm just trying to make some now.

I used scraps of salvaged wrapping paper for the boxes but as it was not very thick I needed to use more scraps of card to strengthen them.

This is one I made to hold some earrings for my sister in law.

 I've just made another one with scraps of paper for some book tokens which also don't look very special wrapped or in an envelope.

So I'm nipping over to Pixie's Snippets Playground for a flying visit then back to the wrapping and cooking. Some great prizes are on offer until the 2nd Jan so I hope to be back with another entry soon.

I'd like to wish everyone, and especially Di and Parsnip, a peaceful and happy Christmas. I'm looking forward to a bit of free time next week to get back to crafting.A big tidy and sort is also planned!


  1. These are great Alison! Clever you :)

    Merry Christmas!


    Di xx

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  3. Love the look of your pillow boxes and they are a great way to wrap the small memory sticks.

    Well done on making your own . . . I cheat and use a die!

    Hugs, Sandra Stamping For Pleasure

  4. They look very pretty Alison. Ideal for small gifts. I've never made one so thank you for sharing the link. Barbxx


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