Tuesday, 15 November 2016

In a vase on a Monday, on a Tuesday - final fling.

  I do have gardening blog but the truth is I don't have time to write it so I gave it up a while ago. So I'm going to post flowers on here and anyone not interested can look away now! ( How can you not love flowers?)
I stumble across a blog this week, which is right up my street - Rambling in the garden.
Once a week Cathy encourages us to forage in our gardens and fill a Vase on a Monday.  Here is Cathy's this week. 
I love to grow flowers and if you grow them specifically for cutting you don't have to worry about denuding your borders when they look their best. Not everyone has that luxury of space, I know I am very lucky. We moved last year so I could indulge my addiction for plants! 

When I get home from work now on a Monday, it's dark now. Boo :( So here I am on a Tuesday. That is not soft focus behind that is misty murkiness!

I've been picking vases and vases all summer and usually follow strict colour schemes. I've thrown it all out the window this week as I collected the last fling dahlias and Rudbeckias. 
The pink ones are Classic Rosamund and one Honka Pink. The purplish ones are Rip City, or were. (Throughout the summer they were so dark to be almost black and now, in the last month, they flower purple with white lines. If anyone can explain that to me I'd be very interested). 
Rudbeckia are Rustic Dwarfs. And yes that is Sweet Pea foliage. Being new here, I planted some sweet peas in a place I thought they would look very good. They were so slow that even my husband commented on it and he doesn't generally notice plants. They grew very tall an eventually flowered so high I almost couldn't reach them. Of course, I'd planted them in a place which gets very little sun. The upside is, they didn't get mildew and were still flowering in October. The foliage is still green and a makes good filler. Maybe I'll put some there next year too...


  1. Your last fling dahlias have such wonderful names - Honka Pink, Rip City! Some of the Bishop's Children dahlias I have grown from seed have 'changed' colour - pink to orange, and red to orange - but I can't explain it either! Your vase look so abundant you wouldn't think it was an end of season vase - and seeing your sweet pea foliage reminds me I have lots of everlasting sweet pea foliage I could use. Thanks for that - and for joining in today. Hope to see again next week

  2. Hi Alison, your last fling flowers are stunning. I love the bright combination of colours - so cheerful even when it is murky outside. I have to say snap! We moved three years ago so that I could have a bigger garden too. My husband says I chose the garden, not the house! Many thanks for your recent comments. Elizabeth xx


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