Sunday, 30 March 2014

First post

I planned to start this blog in January with this card I made for my father's birthday. Here it is anyway, better late than never. I liked it so much I made another similar one in different colours. I always make square cards so I wanted to try DL for a change and I do like the result. 
The stamps are Print Backgrounds 2, from Inky Doodles, which I was given, at my request, for Christmas. Seems a long time ago now.
This is a bad photo of a pretty card. It is stamped in Adirondak Cranberry, slate and black. There are 3 large stamps in the set which you use inividually or layer, for endless variations, and also several small fillers. Above you see all three layered.
This card uses one of the fillers and one background. It is stamped in Adirondak sunshine, slate and terracotta. 
The stamps are fabulous and can be used in so many ways. 
It is now spring and I spend many hours in my garden but I hope to find time to post cards and join in with some challenges. I may have to ask for teenage help with the layout of my blog but Hey its a start!