Thursday, 17 July 2014

Inky fingers

I have very little artistic talent which is why I like stamping. The stamps do most of the work. 
So with challenges which go off piste my efforts usually look like something a child has done. With this challenge from Less is More I have made ...Oh something which looks like a child has done it!
The challenge was Adapt a Fingerprint.
After various messy ideas this is what I made. It's for my little neighbour who will be 8 so she'll probably appreciate it.
It seems a few people found this more challenging than usual but there are some great cards. At least I had a go and these inky finger prints are on the front not the back or inside as is usually the case! The lovely curly stamp is Hobby Art.
I also finished it in time. Below is what was to be my entry for the recycled week and then when not finished in time, the Earth Tones week. I finally had a tidy of my desk and finished it. 
The panel is handmade paper which I made a while ago, probably from old school newsletters. The ribbons are also cut from the insides or label of a new clothe.It even had writing on the other side, you can see the back here, so who knows why I kept it. It seems I'm not alone though.
I'm much more pleased with this one. The stamps here are 
Inkylicious -Script and - Grasses and 
Hobby Art - words.


  1. Your little spiders really brought a smile to my face!
    Great job!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  2. Love your embossed frames on which your creations stand and hang !!

  3. What a brilliant take on the challenge, love it!
    Thanks for getting inky with LIM this week
    'Less is More'

  4. Eeeewwww! Creepy Crawlies!
    But on this occasion cute and fun
    Thanks for sharing and inking up for the challenge
    Less is More

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  6. Sorry Karen. I think I did this but I'm not sure how. Very rude of me! Thanks for you comment. I did read before deleting.


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