Friday, 31 October 2014

Dotty fun

I wanted to join in with this 52CCT challenge but I don't have any enamel dots!
The DT gave a few ideas so that got me thinking.
I tried a few including cutting out tiny circles but that was fiddly and not very accurate. I didn't have the right punches and my circle cutter only cuts large.   
Eventually I tried stamping with a tiny round stamp and then adding Glossy Accents. 
This is what I made first:
 I like the  green and pink colour combination but decided that it wasn't at all Christmassy. Even with a Christmas greeting. I think I'll make it into a birthday card.
Then I made this with the holly:

Decided I preferred it without:

and then changed my mind again. Still, I have two cards now! I might add some holly to this.

 The trouble with glossy accents is that you have to walk away and let them dry FOR A LONG TIME, preferably overnight, so every time I changed my mind there was more drying time! They really do look like fairy lights though. The hardest thing was drawing the lines.  

I don't expect to be judged against everyone who has properly used enamel dots but I wanted to have some dotty fun.
Do give me your opinions on how these have turned out. Holly or no? And what to do with the top one. I tried to leave it really plain but it looked wrong so I added the embossing and then the paper and then the silver cord. 


  1. I think your home enamel dots are just perfect! They give the same effect and look just super. I like the first card you made, but the Christmas lights look amazing. Thanks so much for playing along with 52CCT this week!

  2. I love it best with the holly around the border - but all versions are very crafty and lovely. Thanks so much for joining us at 52CCT!

  3. I love how you got creative and made the dots! I'm with Danielle, love it with the holly stamped around the edges. You must have lots of patience to wait for the dots to dry. BTW I love your first card too. Thanks for playing along with the Stash Challenge at 52 CCT
    Louise xx

    1. Thanks everyone. I'm not very patient. I've learnt the hard way, first time I put my glasses down on the wet dots!


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