Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Round the world

I've done a small amount of research about what men want from a card. One said a piece of paper with 'Happy Birthday' written on it! More research needed, maybe.
I've made this swing card. I think the mechanics will appeal to the male mind!

A birthday is just the first of another 365 day journey round the sun. Enjoy the trip!
 I found this saying on the internet (anonymous) but arranged it in a circle myself usuing a computer -without help, so I was chuffed. Then I found I could have it on a wood background, perfect for  The Male Room challenge. Wood. I deliberately left it quite plain.

It's a very simple idea but looks impressive. It folds flat into a 6x6 envelope and best of all for me - it is made from half a piece of A4 card. I am always left with strips of card which I save and rarely use. I could make several hundred gift tags with the pieces I have left. I should do that with Christmas coming up. Unstoppable now, I think. 
This is the first swing card I have made but I'll definately make more. 
Normally all my cards are stamped but I don't have many stamps that would appeal to men. I've use design paper to cover the card and only stamped the corner patterns. The centre is computer printed, as I said.

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  1. I like the shaped card - and that sentiment is just super. Sorry to be so late commenting, thanks for playing along with The Male Room!


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