Thursday, 30 April 2015

Sunflower tag

A quick post as I should be getting ready to go to work. 
I always admire monochrome cards and I have nearly managed it here. Just a little colour to lift it. 

Such a simple card but it took ages and I have several more tags which were too big or not quite right.
I'm linking to Less is More - use a tag
Have a good day. I'd rather be stamping of course.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Warm furry wishes

I've made this card for my sister-in-law who dubbed herself a Crazy Cat Woman after tipping over from two cats to three, by adopting a stray. 
There are two Christmas challenges this week to include a cat (do they plan this?) so here is my effort. 
I don't have any cat stamps so I found this cheeky moggy on internet clip art. I just went back to find the link but it only links to pintrest and not the page. I'll add it later if I can find it. 
I stamped the checks with Inky Doodle stamps and then embossed the dots to highlight the cats bow. I may have to include dots on everything now. They are so cool. (Yes, using my new machine! See previous).
I added the bow and some stickles to the cats fur and the tops of the baubles.
As I'm still printing sentiments, I can make it say whatever I like. I think this suits. 
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Pixie's Snippets Playground = use those snippets. I've used various bits of card, the ribbon and the base is yet another failed card given a new lease of life.
So two posts in one day. I'd like to state for the record that I have also cut the grass, cleaned the loo and provided a meal for my family who could very well do it themselves but don't. Just in case anyone is wondering why I am playing around with bits of card all afternoon instead of doing anything useful...

Card hanger

I've bought a cutting and embossing machine. (High, squeaky voice).
I've been telling myself I didn't need it, that it's an unnecessary expense, that I've managed this long without one, that it's opening an expensive Pandora's Box. All this is true. 
Then I was given an unexpected financial gift, so what was a girl to do?
As you can imagine, I now have a lot of shapes cut out for no particular reason but here is a use for them. 

I've been planning to make a card hanger since Christmas. I saw this at a friend 's house and realised how clever it is. Hers was made of squares of card but this cut shape seemed ideal and looks a bit more special. 

All you do is make a couple of slits with a knife and thread ribbon through. It fits any size or shape of flat card as the holders slide up and down.  The cards also hand flat against the wall and don't swing round like my current card hanger.

The best thing is it uses up plenty of snippets. I usually make 6x6 cards which means I always cut off a strip, which is just right for these. I have dozens of these strips. I've used the larger shape as I thought it would hold the cards better but I might try the smaller one, as it will be less obvious, and see if it holds them.

I considered decorating them with Christmas patterns. After all why have plain card when you can stamp it? But then realised that white is good as it is suitable for every occasion not just Christmas (and I have lots of white snippets). However I think green would look good for Christmas. I chose green ribbon for that reason and perhaps I'll make a pretty patterned one too.
So now when I feel the need to cut out shapes, I'll be able to put them to good use.
I'm so glad I've made this before I forgot the idea. 
Oops forgot the link. Pixie's Snippets Playground

Friday, 17 April 2015

Shades of coffee # 42

In making this card for 52CCT, I have had issues with stamping, glitter, glue and tape and that was after I had made up my mind what to make, which took a week.There is glitter everywhere in my crafty corner and beyond. 
The colour theme is Coffee and Cream.
I see now there is precious little cream on this card as the design evolved from my original plan in which the wreath was on a cream background. Assume the cream is in the coffee! I have various shades of coffee from latte to espresso. I do have sugar crystals though, to make up for lack of cream.

I'm entering anyway as so much grief was involved in the making. It does look better in real life than in the picture and I like the sentiment across the middle giving it a vintage look. 
I'm linking with:
52 Christmas Card Throwdown
Merry Monday - I've noticed in blogland that Vintage is the theme.
Pixie's Snippets Playground as it's fun in the playground and I need reminding this is supposed to be fun. Snippets of card and ribbon. Though this is very sad compared to the amazing creations there made from snippets. I seem to create more than I use.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Black is black

Some challenges put song titles into my head and this is one of the. Black is black by Los Bravos or Belle Epoch (I just looked it up and am now listening to it on You Tube) or Amy Winehouse have been in my head all week.
The colour challenge from Less is More this week is Predominantly Black. You are allowed a little of another colour.
This really is challenging and there are some wonderful creations on the blogsite, as ever of course.
I went for the classic black and pink. 

I stamped these Inky Doodles flowers in black and then coloured in a few accents with pink pro-markers. I added a bit more black with some stickles in the centre of the flowers.  It turned out a bit more pink than I meant but I do like the colour combination.
I really fancied doing black embossing but I wasn't sure I could get all the specks off and then it would look messy. I played it safe but I am happy with the result. 
Actually this was my second attempt. I just remembered, I masked off the back of the first card, stamped and then took of the mask but decided I needed just one more flower. Then, of course, I forgot to put the mask back so the flower is half on the back as well! Guess how cross I was.

Patchwork sketch

When I saw this sketch at 52CCT I had a plan and I thought it would be easy. It wasn't.

I used Inky Doodles stamps, mainly Country Checks, and a Meadow Adirondak ink pad. I stamped out some patterns and then cut them to size according to the sketch. I placed them on dark green background, for definition, but when I'd stuck them down they weren't straight or level enough for my liking and it was bigger than the card base. So I started again! 
This time I cut the paper to size first (and made sure it fitted the card). 

I don't think it looks particularly Christmassy even after I added some silver stars, though it is quite pretty. Perhaps I should have done it in red and green. If I come across some more silver accents I may add them. 
I did have fun with it, though, and it was definitely worth starting again.