Saturday, 2 May 2015

White butterfly and lace

I've made a card I'm happy with. Regular visitors and members of my family know this rarely happens. 
It is quite a busy card for me but I still think it looks fairly simple as it is all one colour.

I stamped the lacy border and glued it round the centre embossed square. I confess I tried to stamp the square all in one go, masking and fitting the border together at the corners. It was way too complicated for me though. Precision is not my strong point. So I stamped each side and cut them out. The mitre corners are actually very good even though you can't see as I have covered most of them up. I had to fix the ribbon on as I glued down the two sides. That was very fiddly to say the least! The last piece came off and on several times. I had a lacy handkerchief in mind for some reason.
The butterfly is stamped twice on some vellum type of paper I had lying around and layered. 

Looks lovely even though it bears a striking resemblance to the white butterflies which plague my garden in summer.
I needed some flowers so I stamped these out on a piece of marbled paper which I found in a heap. I used to do marbling with my children, we used to love it until the inks dried up and were useless. We never knew what to do with the sheets though and still find them hidden in drawers sometimes. I added a little black Stickles in the centres. 
I've used:
Sentiment - Hobby Art stamp
Flower - inky doodles
Lacy border - CASual Fridays
Butterfly - nameless. I bought the set in a charity shop, of all places, but it had no label.  
I'm linking this to the Butterfly Challenge - L is for Lace.
I hope you like it. 


  1. Hello Alison and welcome to my butterfly challenge. I love your lace hankerchief effect which reminds me of some real lace hankys I salvaged from MIL's. That is a lovely bit of mitring you have done. I also did marbling years ago too but did it with white household candles. Still have the inks and some of the candles as well!! A superb card and a gorgeous colour combo of blues. Thankyou for fluttering by #29. hugs Mrs A.

  2. I LOVE this! A very elegant design. I love how you've mitred the corners of the border, I thought it was one square stamp until I read your instructions, so I enlarged the picture to have a closer look. Brilliant!
    Liz - Butterfly Challenge #29 - Guest Designer xx

  3. Even when I accidentally zoomed in on the card I couldn't see the joins! Love the colour way and the butterfly stamp was a great find, it's so elegant and put to great use on the card.

  4. Really pretty card. Great background & the marbled flowers are so pretty x

  5. Really pretty card. Great background & the marbled flowers are so pretty x


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