Friday, 6 November 2015

Snowy tags

I have really been using up my scraps of card today. 
I often cut a strip off an A4 sheet so have dozens, if not hundreds, of pieces of white card. And yes, I did move them to a new house earlier in the year. I threw away the real rubbish but couldn't get rid of all the offcuts, so now I've brought them here I do need to use them...

I've made a lot of gift tags for Christmas. I cut out circles then embossed using a snowflake embossing folder. 
Then I realised that it embosses on both sides! Duh. It does look ok and you could write on the reverse but I came up with a plan to back with a slightly larger, plain circle. So the back is blank and smooth to write on. 


I was just sticking them down when I decided that I liked the debossed side very much. So I made some using one side and some the other.

I was going to use embroidery thread for hanging but then I remembered this raffia which looks Christmassy. A bit of fiddly knotting and they look a whole lot better than a bit of thread would have.
I like the round shape, I think it looks a bit different. I found some shiny cardstock so I'm having a go at inking some for another effect but I do like the white. And it goes with most wrapping paper. 

Don't forget to make card hangers with this easy trick which I copied from a friend a few months ago.  It uses up plenty of snippets too. I need to make a few more before Christmas.                                                                                                                                                                             

I'm just popping over to Pixie's Snippets Playground to show these tags. I've used up quite a few snippets but I still seem to have plenty left! I have a dotty embossing folder which I think would make pretty tags.
I thought it might be a bit quieter in the playground this week but what with bonfire night going off with a bang - fireworks, potatoes, hot choc and brownies and more marshmallows (plus a few things I can't mention), it's no less crazy than last week it seems. My head and my waistline will suffer again...


  1. Great use of your snippets Alison - and I agree raffia is Christmassy! x

  2. Wonderful Alison - beautiful use of snippets. And you missed the party? Sheesh, I couldn't sleep for it!! Roll on the Christmas celebrations - NOT :(


    Di xx

  3. Great idea with the tags Alison and your use of raffia....must remember that one.I like the card hanger idea too!...........oh for some time!!!!!

  4. Super idea to make into tags. I like the look of the snowflakes embossed both ways. Auditions have started for the chistmas panto. I'm defo not being the donkeys's hind legs this year!! Hugs Mrs A.


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