Thursday, 18 February 2016

Birthday wreath

Wanting a quick card I reached for my old faithful Card-io stamps and stamped a wreath. I love stamping wreaths and often do Christmas ones but it is good to do flowery ones too. 
It is all made from snippets too. When I opened my ribbon box there was a purple ribbon right on the top. I suspect I cut it out of a piece of clothing recently. The ribbon was the fiddliest bit and glue was everywhere. 
I added black stickles in the centres of the flowers as it really helps them.
I like the purple and green.

 So I'm just running over the Pixie's Snippets Playground where Sarn is in charge while Miss has a lie down. I hear everyone is behavin' impeccably and there will be nothin' to report when she gets back!


  1. What a gorgeous card Alison. You get extra points as you used purple!!! If it helps, I usually use red tape for adhering ribbon as it tends to stay put and is less sticky than glue!! Just a thought.
    I cannot believe we are being so good this week.

    1. I had tape on the front and glue on the back - I hope you can picture it!

  2. This is a lovely card Alison. I love your wreath and the black stickles sound lovely. Must look out for those. I cut ribbons and spare buttons from new clothes too. Barbxx

  3. A beautiful card - I love the colours you've used. Tape and glue - I can imagine the mess I would have made!
    Kath x

  4. LOVE this pretty and very delicate floral card.

    Yes, people are generally behaving in the Playground this week . . . wonder if that's because I'm not around to cause mischief? Miss Di has me in the cubbyhole doing paperwork! Brenda has a secret stash of Prosecco in the Treehouse if you're interested!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx


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