Saturday, 18 February 2017

CCT technique challenge - sunburst/starburst

Here is our new challenge for you at Christmas Card Throwdown. Once you get over the shock of making cards out of season, it really is fun to make a stack of cards throughout the year and certainly takes the stress out of it.

The challenge is to use the sunburst/starburst technique. This was new to me but turns out to be very simple. You basically cut strips about 4" long and maybe an inch to inch and half wide, then cut them into long triangles diagonally. It doesn't even have to be accurate. Bonus. Accuracy is not one of my talents.
I have a paper pad which has papers and matching transparent sheets. It's not vellum, it's thicker and less forgiving. I decided that it would be fun to use this as the card would then look pretty with the light showing through. 

What I've learnt: 1. Don't try to be too clever.
                          2. Think it through before you start. 

I cut the strips as directed on the videos I'd watched. When I put it all together I realised that the triangles were not joined together along their long sides. Therefore, even with a frame it was gappy and not rigid. So that went in the bin. (Normally you would glue down onto a base card)

Hmm, didn't think that through.
 I started again with a rectangle of the transparent stuff and glued the other paper on to that so I had a solid base. Much better. 
Except that it won't flatten however long I leave it under a book. Glueing has warped the transparent sheet. Maybe if I leave it in a book for the next 10 months?
Here it is with the light behind, so that idea did work:

I'm not sure why I didn't just stick to something simple but once I'd had the idea that was it.

Do join in with us. The sunburst technique is not nearly as complicated as I imagined and there are numerous videos on The You Tube. Here is one. If you have a stash of Christmas papers to use, this technique is for you.
You have two weeks to join in the fun


  1. What a fun idea Alison. Your card looks super. Barbxx

  2. LOL! Alison, thank you so much for sharing all that - I can see why you like the idea - it's so pretty! I really do like this card - clean, simple and elegant! xxx

  3. j'aime cette carte Alison, c'est une très belle idée que tu as eu, l'effet est superbe, très élégant, biz

  4. Ohhhh....this is so pretty. I really love what you did here. It is absolutely stunning!

  5. Well you went the whole hog right round the page. I have only ever done half a page and that took forever so hats off to your for persevering
    with a very pretty design so well worth it. hugs Mrs A.


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