Wednesday, 8 August 2018

French blue butterflies

This card is a 'commission' from a friend who wanted it for her daughter. I hope she likes it, she hasn't seen it yet. 

I've used thin interfacing type fabric for the flowers, dyed with Brushos. I died then cut then died again. It's best if you cut, then die. 
I added the flowers and leaves and felt it needed a little something else. Mrs A's Butterfly challenge gave me the answer. French blue butterflies. 

It's the letter F and I've used French blue and butterflies only. 

After I'd stamped and inked the circle on the base card I decided to spritz it to give some blurring. Mistake. Of course, it warped the card and even flattening it under a book for days did not straighten it. I had some success by very slightly dampening it again and putting it back under the book. I should know better. 
I'm also popping over to Pixie's Snippets Playground to show off as it's all made from snippets. Can someone explain why the snippets mountain is growing even though I always go to them first? 
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  1. Gorgeous card, Alison, the butterflies are a perfect finishing touch. I'm sure your friend will love it. I know what you mean about snippets, they multiply when you're not looking! xx

  2. Now doesn't that just beat all using interfacing to make your flowers!! Just so happens I have loads of snippets of interfacing that must be over 40yrs old by now. I knew if I kept them long enough I'd have a use for the. loll. The ever growing piles of snippets are the eighth mystery of the World. Your card is lovely with those flowers. Thankyou for coming and spinning the butterfly wheel. Hugs Mrs A.

  3. What a fabulous card Alison and such a great idea making and dying your own flowers as well! As the others say, snippets breed when we're mot looking!


    Di xx


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