Saturday, 13 May 2017

CCT - May sketch

Hands up whose cards always go exactly to plan? That's not what happened here.
Our current challenge at Christmas Card Throwdown is layers.

I had an idea to do layers of die cut stars but to inlay them so the card is still flat.
The first plan was to cut a star in a round card but that didn't quite work and I hadn't thought it through properly, no change there then.
The more ideas I had the more stars and circles collected in piles around me until I finally manged to make a card.

Then I wanted to use up all the bits and pieces so in the end I made four. That brings my quota for the year up a bit. I chose the smallest sentiment stamps I could find, from a Penny Black set.

Not having planned this very well, I found that I wanted a bit of a frame around the outside so I embossed in silver after I'd made the card. Don't do that after you've added silver thread - it melts!
I moved around all the bits and pieces, added few sequins and some silver thread and it only took a few days...

Two things about this last one. Firstly I was getting blase and when I cut the base card I forgot to have the die over the edge so I ended up with two circles instead of a hinged card. Grrr. Instead of added them to my pile of 'bits I'll use one day', I made a hinge and stuck them together. With a snippet of course!
Then I didn't think the words stood out much so I cut them again in dark green and offset them. I've never done that before but it's quite effective. I've seen it on many other peoples cards.

Top Tip*  - Cut a tiny sliver off the bottom at the back and your round card will stand up without rolling away.

So I'm popping over to Pixie's Snippets Playground with these. I've used lots of snippets, made some more and used them too! I think I can just sneak in before the gates clang shut for the week.

Anyone who reads my gardening blog will know we now have some hens. They don't take much looking after but I keep finding myself out there talking to them and just watching their antics.
Here is Dora (the Explorer) who just hopped into my wheelbarrow.

* I don't pretend to be able to teach any seasoned stamper anything and if you are new to stamping all I would say is - Get out now while you still can!


  1. Oh these really are lovely Alison, beautiful classy designs and some good tips as well. I just might have to borrow the idea of rounds cards and stars - they do work together perfectly!

    Dora is a smasher - looks as if she knows it too!


    Di xx

  2. Oh, I love this collection of cards. They are so sweet.

  3. What a fantastic use of both the negative and positive die cut pieces, Alison! Double the cards! I need to do that, too! Your stars are lots of fun, and I especially like that you were able to keep your cards flat for mailing! Fantastic creations! hugs, de

  4. elle est superbe Alison, sobre et réussi, biz

  5. Haha, that last bit was really funny, Alison! This hobby sucks you in and sucks you dry. But, oh, how we love it! You've done a really admirable job working your snippets into all these really beautiful Christmas card designs! I hope you strained your arm patting yourself on the back when you were done because you deserve the kudos!! And how fun to have chickies to chat with! I do it with the hummers and little lizards here, so I won't judge! Hugs, Darnell

  6. Great snippets cards. Love the use of the positive and negative cuts! Great idea.
    Your cards have lots of payers and great shapes.
    You got so many made here...a good use for your snippets...your Xmas card drawer must be filling up.

  7. Sounds like you did have fun and games making these cards but the results are all great cards. Thanks for the tip on cutting the sliver off the bottom of the card. Simples when you think it through!! (Now why did I not think of that). hugs Mrs A.


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