Thursday 24 March 2016

Playing with dies and snippets

I had an idea for a card and whilst making it several more ideas percolated through. 
I was using a set of Tonic circle dies.
Here is the first one:

This is the card I planned but it turned out to be quite tricky. I only had the Wrong Kind of Glue. You need a fine point and a bit of wriggle room in order to place all the circles. I had made it harder for myself by deciding to interlock them. This meant a little snip, slipping one through another and hiding the join under the first one. 
Also I kept changing the order of the circles. This paper is double sided and one piece has dots and circles on either side so was easy to flip and move but then one had dots and another pattern, I got in a right muddle. 
I'll definitely have another go at this maybe using larger circles. 

Then I wondered what would happen if you cut out all the circles and used them in a pattern. Duh, you have to use alternate ones or there is no gap!
The next day I bought the Right Kind of Glue and stuck this one down. (Tacky glue - Fine point, slow drying, dries clear and rubs off).

I curved the words on the acrylic block. 
And finally...

I decided the shapes were not very defined on the first card. I used two dies next to each other in size but here I've skipped one and used the third size up, if you see what I mean. 
This is what I used.

This is better.

It probably would have been much harder to link them together like this though.
I've used up some snippets, not very many I may say and I have had to keep all the circles which were cut out of the centres so I'm not sure if i have used up much at all! 

I'm probaly the last person to learn this but a bit of Washi tape holds dies in place and never rips the card or paper. I used the samp piece to cut all of these circles. I find low tack masking tape to be variable and it's very upsetting when it rips a masterpiece.

 I'm skipping over to Pixie's Snippets Playground and as it's Easter there is sure to be Choklit.
So now I have several generic cards, I understand there are some people who don't like flowers and butterflies.


  1. Great cards for any occasion and very generic too.A very clever use of some basics.....definitely ..a why didn't I think of that' !!

  2. Great cards and a clever way to use the circle dies (and use snippets too!)
    Kath x

  3. These are super. I love your ideas on all three cards.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  4. What a great idea Alison. Your cards look lovely and a great way to use snippets. The first is my favourite. Have a very Happy Easter. Barbxx

  5. Oh my word Alison - love ALL of these great cards. A super idea for using up snippets - well done. Pssst, there's a chiklit Easter egg hidden underneath the upturned plant pot behind the tree house :))


    Di xx

  6. Looks like you had fun going round in circles!!!
    I particularly like the third card. It looks so cool and trendy.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx


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