Saturday, 9 July 2016

Sunny butterfly

I was being a a bit dense. (Nothing new there). I wanted to make a card for the Butterfly challenge which is currently:

Years is to be numbers, dates, etc. I don't have any special birthdays or occasions to make just now so I was stumped. Then I realised it is either /or. I always try to include both but I don't have to. So here is my card with just yellow and a butterfly:

I stamped the flower, butterfly and swirls in Versamark and then embossed in clear. I spritzed with water and then sprinkled on Brushos. Yellow on the flower and butterfly and then a little green. The spritzed some more and went away and left it. It didn't look great but drying does the trick. 
When it was completely dry, I ironed it between pieces of paper and the embossing melts off on to the paper.  That was the easy bit.
Here is a closer look:

I'm not sure if that really shows it or not.
I was stumped about how to make it into a card. 
I chose kraft as I thought I'd done it on cream paper,then realised I hadn't. LOL. Anyway it suits it. 
I stamped the sentiment onto the paper. Then I didn't like it. 
Stamped sentiment and cut out on a white strip. Added green lines top and bottom and taped it on over the stamped one. Then I didn't like it. 
The green was wrong.  
Tried to pull it off but I have bought some very good tape so was in danger of ripping the artwork. My old tape would have come right off.
THEN I got a piece of kraft, stamped and stuck it over the stamped sentiment and the white card one! Finally I was happy. Hehe. I know, I'm a perfectionist and it is only a card. 
It's taken me three goes to write this post. The main problem was the photos not loading and then blogger not saving but I think I'm there now. Fun and games with the old internet. Obvously no-one is up and using it yet today
Have a good weekend everyone and I hope the sun shines for you at least some of the time.


  1. A fabulous card - love the green and yellow with the kraft card and your sentiment is perfect too.
    Kath x

  2. Third time lucky indeed and we would never know about the hidden wordings! Love those brusho colours. I know I keep on saying it but I really must get mine out and have a play with them. Ths kyoy for fluttering by my challenge. Hugs Mrs A.

  3. Hi nice to meet you and I have to say I just love the effect you have made on the card with the embossing powder and brusho's. Good luck in the Butterfly Challenge Pen x Guest DT

  4. very pretty...I love Brushos!


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