Thursday, 22 September 2016

My snippets quilt

I've made a quilt using a few snippets.

The story of my quilt - Before we move, a year and a half ago, I decided to use up many of my fabric scraps and make them into quilts rather than moving boxes and bags of bits. (Yes, I do have quite a lot). I did try. I tried to make 12x12 inch patchwork blocks using different quilting patterns but sticking to a few colours. Turned out I was REALLY bad at it. Each block turned out a different size and the seams and joins were rarely precise. I still don't know how I got the measuring so wrong even when following instructions
I take my hat off to anyone who can do that kind of patchwork. 

No quilts were made before I moved and I gave up on the blocks. Somehow it came to light that my youngest son felt neglected that I'd never made him a quilt. My daughter has two, a baby quilt and a single tumbling blocks one sewn by hand when I had more time and younger hands. (My older son doesn't have one and doesn't mind).
So of course I said I'd make one. Having had so much trouble with lines and joins, I decided not to use straight lines so all the scraps for the blocks are cut on diagonals. Each square is 6x6 inches. I did have to sew in the green squares and some of the joins leave much to be desired. I got better as I went along but don't peer too closely! Anyway he likes it and that is what matters.

James chose the green and the random nature of the layout.

The actual blocks were not hard to make and sewing it all together wasn't too bad but the hardest thing was getting the backing on and finishing off the edges. They are by no means straight but no one is measuring.

So I'll be skipping into Pixie's Snippets Playground as all the coloured patches are snippets. Let's not mention all the green fabric, backing, wadding and edging I had to buy to finish it off!
I still have loads of scraps so will now have to make one for other son, so he doesn't feel left out and then a full size quilt for daughter. Maybe not this week though. 
Happy crafting! x


  1. It looks great Alison. I'm sure James was really happy with his new quilt and I like his choice of colour. A super snippets make. Barbxx

  2. Wow Alison - this is one of our much more ambitious snippets makes! Love it and as Barb says, the colours are great as well.

    Oh how I laughed at your comment about having a go at marbling your laptop :) I can send some bottle of Dylusions whistling in your direction if you like! I've been pondering having another go with Brushos but am not sure if my heart is ready for even more stress!


    Di xx

  3. Great achievement Alison!! 10/10 for perseverance and a lovely keepsake for your son! Fabulous male type colours.

  4. Wonderful work Alison who gives a hoot about straight stitching, the making and gifting this is the thing that makes it so special and so gorgeous for your son. A mothers love is perfection and so is your quilt! Karen xx

  5. A fabulous snippet quilt. I remember when I was a teenager (and long skirts were 'the thing to wear all the time') and I made myself a patchwork skirt out of all sorts of random cotton materials. I thought I was the bees knees in it!
    Kath x

    1. I can just imagine it and I bet it looked great.

  6. I have only ever made a baby quilt and that was with the help of an experienced quilter and mine was nowhere near as difficult as this and I think the finish is great. I love the colours and a wonderful way of using up all those bits of fabric. x

  7. It's a wonderful quilt Alison, so beautiful with the diagonal pieces and the calm green colour. My first and last quilt was a disaster.

    Love and hugs


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