Monday, 28 November 2016

In a vase on a Monday - not a bad haul

It's a really difficult time to decide to join in with Cathy's meme  - In a vase on Monday. I've had tons of flowers all summer but not any more!
However I'm quite pleased with this vase:

Scouting around I found quite a few bits and pieces.

I've used:
Abelia - gorgeous soft colours
Parsley leaves and flowers
A twig of bay
Hordeum  jubatum - foxtail barley. Annual grass. This seemed to die off then had a second wind.
Escallonia - these flowers are on the ends of the plant which needs a prune anyway.
Fuchsia flowers
Pineapple sage - I've dug up the plant and put it in my poly tunnel but it's still flowering away. Amazing intense colour.
Cirsium - it's thrown up more flowers for some reason.  
Vinca major foliage -evergreen so always useful

These are my cutting patches taken last week.  Not looking so good now. The grass has been so wet we can't cut it so it looks a proper mess.  There is a Chrysanthemum which was never staked properly, shame on me. Next year I'm putting in proper stakes and net 
across the beds.

I don't seem to have any photos taken when they were blooming.
The dahlias are at the back, properly dead now and I've started digging them up to store whilst making a list of new ones to add next year!
In front are some stocks which I bought cheaply somewhere and there are some tulip bulbs planted in there too.  
I've been digging out a compost heap this weekend so I'll be bringing some of that over here when I've got all the dahlias and the weeds out. There was a biting wind but I felt virtuous afterwards. :)


  1. I think you did well foraging in your garden! The contrast with the white jug makes the flowers stand out especially well. I've got some of that same pineapple sage growing in my garden but then I don't have to worry about frost in my climate.

  2. The bits and pieces all add up don't they? My hardy fuchsia was seen off by the frost a fortnight ago so it is interesting to see yours still blooming - were they sheltered? I read an article about alternatives to the usual herbs recently (Which? Gardening, maybe) and most of the different sages came out better than the ordinary variety. Must be useful to have the flexibility and space of a polytunnel...Thanks for sharing again today

  3. You seem to have found plenty in the garden for this wonderful vase!

  4. A lovely bouquet! And a very good idea to use a white jug for it!

  5. What a lovely milk glass vase and bouquet design.

    Hugs Diane

  6. Beautiful bouquet! That is a gem of a vase too...

    So want to take part in this in 2017.I finally have enough flowers.


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